XDS – Who Are We?

Established in 1999 and with around 120 staff in our Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban offices, XDS is the largest wholly South African owned and registered credit bureau. We are 100% black owned and have a Level 2 empowerment rating.  XDS is one of the major providers of business and consumer data to the South African market, offering solutions across the entire business cycle:

  • Pre-vetting and screening
  • Credit reports
  • Analytics and model building
  • Presage – our highly predictive credit bureau score
  • Customer profiling and segmentation
  • Biometrics       
  • Geo-coding and clustering
  • Fraud protection
  • Account and limit management
  • Collections
  • Identity verification
  • Authentication
  • Tracing

Local ownership means that XDS is able to rapidly, and flexibly, focus its extensive technical and analytical resources on client strong combinations of state-of-the-art information technology, staff skills and requirements. XDS’s experience as well as local management enables the development of fast and innovative solutions for the constantly changing business environment.

The newly developed XDS Credit Report is one of the most comprehensive web-based credit tools currently available to help manage risk and perform other account management functions. It incorporates the full National Loans Register (NLR) and full Credit Providers Association (CPA) data sets plus detailed property information and business and director data from the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC).

The XDS Credit Report highlights the consumers reported credit exposure, full affordability and default behaviour patterns. These reports also increase the probability of tracing a delinquent consumer with added address and contact information.

The associated comprehensive credit scores take all relevant account behaviour (NLR, CPA and NLR or just CPA data) into consideration. To meet the challenges of the rapidly changing and demanding value-added data and account management environment. XDS has formed strategic partnerships with leading-edge providers of contiguous products and services; the objectives being to be able to offer clients a seamless and complete solution to their customer data and account management requirements at all stages of the customer life cycle:

  • Growing your business through market research and customer solicitation
  • Affordability Modelling
  • Pre-vetting and screening
  • Applications processing
  • On-going account management, limit setting, cross-selling etc
  • Collections and recoveries

At each stage – depending on specific requirements – XDS uses data in combination with analytics, predictive models, software and best practice consulting.

XDS has subsidiaries in Ghana and Nigeria (where XDS was the first registered bureaux in both countries) and Zimbabwe. In Ghana, XDS has developed the first bureau score based on the bureau data in Africa outside of South Africa, and thus one of very few in the world.

The company has also been involved in projects in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates, Australia and Namibia and so understand the dynamics of the rapidly developing data industries in emerging markets. XDS has been able to use its invaluable data matching experience gained in Africa in the South African market.

Our Philosophy

■ XDS embraces the National Credit Act and related legislation and maintains the highest standards of integrity relating to data privacy, legislative compliance, confidentiality and quality of information.

■ XDS believes that customer value management has largely replaced old fashioned credit management.

■ XDS is committed to constantly strive to provide faster and smarter information solutions to credit grantors and other data users.


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