Consumer affordability

Affordability Models assist credit providers in improving efficiency and increasing profitability throughout the credit lifecycle.

The XDS Income Predictor

The XDS Income Predictor was developed to predict a consumer’s gross monthly income using only bureau data. This product can be used to validate the stated income of a consumer. It is also often used in marketing campaigns to estimate an affordability profile based on income.

The XDS Affordability Model

The XDS Affordability Model is most frequently used in conjunction with the XDS Income Predictor. The Affordability Model aims to predict the statutory deductions and minimum living expenses for each income bracket. Bureau commitments are deducted and the disposable income is calculated.

The Indebtedness Index

The Indebtedness Index measures the level of indebtedness of a consumer – the higher this index, the more indebted a consumer is. The indebtedness of a consumer impacts the repayments a consumer can afford.

Experienced XDS consultants can help you to determine the best methodology based on your specific business requirements.

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