Consumer authentication

Authentication solutions to reduce fraud

Fraud and identity theft are ever on the increase. For companies to prevent massive losses, they need to ensure that they know their customers. Fraud Management Solutions from XDS assist in identifying and assessing fraud, detecting and responding to fraud attempts, and verifying identities – all of which work together to reduce exposure to risk and loss.

XDS Authentication is a real-time online identity tool that verifies that an applicant or user is indeed present at the time of account application or at any stage where information- or a transaction is processed.

Authentication covers the transactions of the consumer – opening an account, making a transaction, increasing credit limit or accessing information – and ensures that the person conducting transactions is in fact the authorised user. This world class authentication tool helps protect your business against risks associated with identity theft and fraud.

The tool extracts data from the XDS consumer database and can be customised to include alternative data sources. The tool asks the end-user a series of personalised multiple choice questions with an instantaneous result returned to the user. Furthermore questions are randomised so that applicants are required to answer different questions each time the authentication tool is used.

Objective decision-making

Confirm the identity of your consumer by employing industry best practice methodologies.

Consistent decision-making

Ensure the accuracy of transactions through methodical, researched processes. Every time.


Your main business stays your main business. We’ve ensured that our system can be used effectively from the start by keeping information collection and verification as simple as possible.


We pride ourselves in delivering information that is usable to you and constantly checked for accuracy.

Instant access

The XDS Credit Profiles system is dynamic, so you have access to new information as soon as it is available. This will enable to you streamline processes which will improve customer relationship management.

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