Consumer Credit Profiles

Make smarter consumer credit decisions

Businesses are constantly under threat from potential fraud, slow or bad payers, and debts having to be written off. Struggling to collect revenue impacts the bottom line and that in turn impacts every other part of the business.

XDS Credit Profiles lets business make smarter credit decisions, with no hidden costs. XDS Credit Profiles will help your business successfully manage risk associated with credit granting and to capitalise on the demand from customers for credit.

XDS Credit Profiles will provide your business with up-to-date consumer information that will streamline your credit granting process.

Unique comprehensive reports

Get access to more complete and more accurate data before you make a credit granting decision.

User-friendly systems

We’ve ensured that our system can be used effectively from the start by keeping information collection as simple as possible.

Accuracy, validity and reliability of information

Never worry about inaccurate information costing you dearly. We pride ourselves in delivering information that is usable to you and is constantly checked for accuracy.

Current information

The financial situation of consumers is constantly changing. XDS Credit Profiles are meticulously kept current so that you can base your decisions on the newest information that is available.

Cost-effective pricing models

Profitability comes from making sales and keeping costs down. That is why our consultants will collaborate with you on choosing the best product for your business at a reasonable price.

Customer support

During every step of the way, we are there to guide you in getting the most out of XDS Credit Profiles to keep your business decisions as risk free as possible.

Real time access

The XDS Credit Profiles system is more dynamic, so you have access to new information more frequently.

National Credit Act Compliant

We are serious about complying with the National Credit Act, so when you use XDS products, you are accessing information in an honest and fair way.

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