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Predict future payment behaviour

Being able to predict future payment delinquency, allows credit providers to associate the odds of payment with specific consumer. Based on this, a more informed decision as to whether or not credit should be granted could be made.

The Presage Account Origination (AO) Score, has been specifically developed for the South African market and is a suite of highly predictive generic bureau application scorecards. Analysts with a sound understanding of the South African credit industry develop these models locally. The models are constantly monitored and re-developed or adjusted as the need arises.

XDS Analytics provides services and products aimed at assisting credit providers in improving efficiency and increasing profitability throughout the credit lifecycle. The product suite consists of readily available products, while customised models can be developed for unique business applications.

Unique features of the Presage Score include: 

Quick turnaround time

Capitalise on the time-value of information while retaining accuracy, and streamlining the process for the consumer.

Takes into account the complete payment profile of the consumer

Getting the full picture means that you’re looking at more than just a current profile – you have the ability to predict consumer behavior throughout a credit lifecycle.

XDS products work together

The AO and AM scores can be used as a standalone products, or in combination with bespoke scorecards to minimise the effect of discrimination.

Multiple-scorecard design yields maximum predictive power

Spread your risk even further by taking results from multiple scorecards into account.

Regular re-development ensures optimal predictive ability

Because we are constantly evaluating the accuracy of our models and data, you are ensured of never using outdated predictive methodologies.

XDS Presage Account Management (AM) Score

The XDS Presage Account Management (AM) Score is used to assess existing accounts on a periodic basis allowing credit providers to assign appropriate credit granting strategies. Such strategies may include increasing or decreasing credit limits, cross selling or up selling of products.

Experienced XDS consultants can help you to determine the best methodology based on your specific business requirements.

While you focus on your core business, our focus remains on delivering statistically sound, predictive models that are supported by quality service.

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