Consumer tracing

Clean, accurate and current information on consumers and commercial entities

XDS Tracing focuses on providing clean, accurate and current information on consumers and commercial entities through online access, bulk processing of records (batch), and web services.

Through sophisticated data cleansing processes, XDS has developed innovative verification and collection solutions. These solutions provide your business with tools to help reduce time and costs that are involved in consumer and commercial entity verification, contacting, and the recovery of debt.

By offering various search options, we ensure that information is accessible and reliable. The emphasis is always on accuracy, validity of data, quick turnaround times, and cost effectiveness.

XDS offers a number of services related to consumer information such as: Consumer Trace Enquiry, Multiple Consumer Trace, Consumer Account Trace, Identity Verification, Consumer Easy Trace, Contact and Collect Rating.

XDS also offers services related to commercial information such as a Business Trace Enquiry, which enables search for relevant contact information pertaining to a registered business entity, and a Principal Member Trace Enquiry which allows access to information related to principal members of a registered business entity.

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